Rosewood Guitar Stand

When I first got this stand, I intended on it holding the new guitar that i had gotten. When I put it together and saw it though, I realize I wanted it to hold something very dear to me. It is that awesome! To begin with, the color is absolutely beautiful. It has a deep dark red finish that really stands out. It is very smooth and there is not a single blemish or mark on it at all. It has cushion strips on it so that whatever you put on it won’t be scratched and they help hold the guitar in place. It came in 2 pieces and was super easy to put together. It is level and extremely stable. While I love my new guitar and think it is awesome, I feel this stand is worthy to hold a very special guitar. It is a Roy Rodgers guitar that my great, great grandmother played. I have always wanted a way to display it and finally found something worthy of the job! I am extremely pumped to be able to display it now! If you are looking for something to safely hold your instrument, I highly suggest this stand. The link is below if you want to check it out!

I received this product at a discount in return for an honest opinion:)

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