Surpahs Superior Nested Mixing & Prep Bowl Set Review

These bowls are awesome! They have covered a wide variety of needs and I have been thrilled about that. For starters, they are really cute!! I love the design and the colors are so bright and vibrant that they fit in perfect with my colorful kitchen. I had been looking for containers that I could carry food in when we have family get togethers or other gatherings. With these bowls, the food can be transported and served out of the same container because they aren’t the drab, typical food storage containers. Also, I needed a good sized mixing bowl and with this set, I got four different sizes. My third option of use is to store leftovers. So now I have 4 different bowls that can cover 3 different areas of use and because they are nesting bowls, they will literally only take up the space of the largest bowl. They aren’t to heavy and they aren’t light and flimsy and they are definitely going to last a long time. These would actually make a great wedding, housewarming, or Christmas gift. The link is below if you would like to check it out!

I received this product in return for an honest opinion:)

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