Kelley General Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar Review- The Perfect Sun Tea Jar

Growing up in the Deep South, sun tea was something you always found in my family’s refrigerator. I can’t explain the difference between regular sweet tea and sun tea, but there is one. I remember my mother and grandmother both had specific jars they made their sun tea in. The jars were used for nothing but that. I had my own special sun tea jar for years until it was accidentally broken. Not just any new jar would do, though. A good sun tea jar holds around a gallon or so of water and the glass is not to thick and not too thin. Well, this jar is just that! I could hardly wait the few days it took to arrive because I just had a feeling that this was the one! I immediately washed it and filled it up with water and four family sized tea bags (I like my sweet tea kinda strong). I put it outside in the direct sunlight and in a couple of hours I had a glorious jar of sun tea. This is an awesome jar and could be used for many other things, but in this household, it has been designated to making the most refreshing and tasty sun tea. The link is below if you would like to check it out!

I received this product for my honest opinion:)

One thought on “Kelley General Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar Review- The Perfect Sun Tea Jar

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