24-Piece Bakeware Set

After I decided to go with bright colors in my kitchen, I ran across this set and decided it would fit right in. This kitchen set is actually a whole lot nicer than I thought it was going to be. It is hard to find a kitchen set that includes all of these items, especially the spoon rests and the cupcake liners. The mitt is one size fits all and I usually find they are so big that it is difficult to get a good grasp on the hot items. Even though this one was roomy, I felt comfortable enough to grab a pan out of the oven with it. The liners are a good size, but they are a little thinner than most silicone liners I have seen. The square piece can be used as a trivet or, since it bends easily, you could use it as a pot holder. The measuring spoons have just the basics, 1T, 1t, 1/2t, and 1/4t. I think that it is so neat that they included the spoon rests and they are a good size too. What really impressed me, though, were the whisk, spatula, tongs, and the brush. They are very well made and comfortable to hold. I just love the clear handles! This would be an excellent gift for people who are getting their first place, starting over from scratch, or like me and want a splash of color brought to the kitchen. I have included the link below if you want to check it out!

I received this product at a discount for review purposes:)


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