Multi-Purpose Boot and Shoe Mat Review


I have hardwood floors all over my house. Even with rugs, it is extremely hard to keep the little particles of stuff off the floor. Some of our floors we have redone and I really want to keep the dirt and stuff down to a minimum because that can scratch up my beautiful floors and it was way too much hard work to have them scratched all up again. I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad, but my husband works for AT&T and he picks up all kinds of stuff on the bottom of his work boots. That and the fact that my driveway is gravel and anytime someone walks in, little gravel pieces are tracked in. I have tried to encourage my husband to leave his shoes by the door, but sometimes it slips his mind and he doesn’t. That’s where this floor mat comes in. It is perfect. I placed it right by the door so that when he walks in it is right there to remind him. He has done it everyday since I put it down. It is big enough to put multiple pairs of shoes or whatever else you want to on it. It is totally worth having if you have wood floors like I do. If you are interested in checking it out, I have put the link below.

I received this product at a discount for review purposes:)


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