Crowd Pleasing Candy Pretzels

A little over a year ago, I was surfing Pinterest for food ideas for my son’s 1st birthday and I ran across some awesome candy dipped pretzels. They seemed simple enough so I started looking for those large, jumbo, long pretzels. Nobody in my town carried them.Then, the day before the birthday I was in Dollar Tree and lo and behold, they had them! They turned out great and I had multiple requests afterwards to make them. So this year for his 2nd birthday, I decided to do them again. I strolled into the Dollar Tree (2 days before the party) and to my horror, they no longer carried the pretzels that I had only been able to find there. I almost panicked but then I saw some Snyder’s Old Tyme Pretzels. Knowing I was cutting it close, I grabbed four bags (I ended up getting 4 more) and decided to take my chances. My experience with The Dollar Tree Pretzels is to buy twice the amount I intend on using because only half the bag is unbroken. So, I got home and and got started. I used the Kroger brand vanilla candy coating and it was awesome! The instructions say you can heat the candy in a saucepan on the stove or nuke it in the microwave.I found out that even with being careful, I burned some of it. I was pushing it with the time, but decided that I needed a double boiler instead of melting the candy those ways. I went to Walmart, and guess what. There were none to be found. So, I raced home and came up with my own plan. As you can see in the 2nd picture, I used two nonstick pans that fir perfectly (thank God!). I put some water in the bottom pan and viola, a double boiler! It worked like a charm! The rest was super easy. I took each pretzel and dipped it in the candy coating and laid them on a cookie sheet with wax paper. I immediately put some colorful sprinkles on them and put them aside to harden, which took no time at all. They were an even bigger hit than the pretzel sticks and much easier to make. I you want a snack that everyone loves and is super easy to do, look no further. When you go looking for your bags of pretzels, check out your local Dollar Tree first because even with half broken, it comes out way cheaper. If you decide to make these or are already in the process of making them and have any questions, I’ll do my best to help! Enjoy:))


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