Today was Apple Fritter Day

Simply Divine!

Reflections of a Southern Gal

I have been back in the kitchen today making something different with my apples.  I decided to make apple fritters.  I love apple fritters on a cool morning with a cup of hot chocolate.  I am not a coffee drinker, although my husband can’t function without it.  Just give me a cup of hot tea or chocolate and I am all set.
This was my first attempt at making apple fritters so I looked up some recipes.  I am a simple baker and cook and I like recipes with few ingredients.  I saw so many recipes that had tons of ingredients and I just decided to wing it on my own and see what happened.  I didn’t do too bad, although I think with practice they may look a little more formed and presentable.  I told my husband that I needed more practice and he said, “Yes,  and I will…

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