Lifewit Can Opener & Garlic Press Review

I have been slowly trying to upgrade my kitchen accessories. Most of mine are 10+ years old and some are even from when I moved out at 18! I tend to keep my kitchen gadgets until they can no longer function. I was in desperate need of a new can opener and due to almost cutting my finger off by smashing the garlic with a knife, I decided it would be best for me to get a garlic press. This garlic press means business! It is heavy duty and has a basket big enough to hold two cloves. The basket is attached, but swings out for easy cleaning. It has done a fabulous job! As if that didn’t make the garlic job easy enough, there is a garlic peeler! It is a rubber sleeve that you just put the clove in and roll it back and forth and viola!, no skin! How cool is that?  The can opener isn’t playing any games either! It is quite unique and I have not personally ever used one like it. It took me a minute to figure out how to use the can opener and even as I was turning it, I wasn’t completely convinced that it was cutting. As soon as I made it all the way around, though, the top popped right off. Oh, and the edges were smooth so there was no cutting myself on them. They also include a brush for easy cleaning that was super helpful. I have no doubt that I will have this for many years to come because they are well made and made of stainless steel. This would make an excellent gift! If you want to check it out, I have included the link below.


I received this product at a discount for review purposes:)



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